A Reminder to Members of the Club and Public

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Next Event

  • Monday 28th April 2014
  • ICELAND - A Presentation by Joan and Ted Reece
  • Subscriptions for the year are now due and remain frozen again at £20 and £1.50 entrance fee.


Next Full Committee Meeting

St Paul's Vestry 7.30pm, Tuesday  20th May 2014


Junior Membership

Junior Membership is open to photographers under the age of 18 yrs. For further details, please read the Club's Constitution, see Paragraph 3.8 (Membership) and 5.1 (Subscriptions).

Potential Members are invited to visit our meetings for a couple of times to try us out before being asked to join.



Chairman's Challenge

Our Chairman, George Frost, is issuing a monthly Challenge ... continue reading »

Studio Lighting and Flash Group

The next Studio Photography Group meeting will be held on

  • Monday 21st April 2014
  • Monday 19th May
  • Monday 16th June
  • Monday 21st July
  • Monday 18th August
  • Monday 15th September
  • Monday 20th October
  • Monday 17th November
  • Monday 15th December




Abergele 'Chest' Hospital Summer Fete


On Saturday 21st June 2014, Abergele Hospital will be holding a Summer Fete between 2pm until 4pm (1400hrs to 1600hrs).  The organisers have made a request to our camera club that some of our members attend the fete with a view to recording the event so that they may use some of the photos for promotional use.


The fete will be attended by local dignatories.  If any members are willing to assist with this request, please provide your name to the Membership Secretary, so that we can help support our community.

Welcome to our club

The Club was formed in 2008 to provide a friendly, social meeting place for members with an interest in photography.

Find out more about the club and how to become a member»

The Club Constitution details all the current rules for the Club.