Next Event

  • Venue: St Paul's Church  7.30pm - 9.30pm
  • Monday 13th April 2015 - A practical evening Outdoors
  • If the evening is dry, we will be meeting at St Pauls before adjourning down to Pentre Mawr Park, where we will divide into small groups with mentors to offer advice if needed, before returning for a tea break and discussions.  Bring your camera and tripod with you.  Wrap up warm.  Should the weather be inclement, we will have alternative activities indoors, which will still require your cameras.
  • Membership Fees will be collected

Next Full Committee Meeting

St Paul's Vestry 7.30pm, Tuesday  21st April 2015


Junior Membership

Junior Membership is open to photographers under the age of 18 yrs. For further details, please read the Club's Constitution, see Paragraph 3.8 (Membership) and 5.1 (Subscriptions).

Potential Members are invited to visit our meetings for a couple of times to try us out before being asked to join.



Studio Lighting and Flash Group

The next Studio Photography Group meeting will be held on

  • (watch this space for 2015 dates for Studio Group meetings)
  • The Studio evenings for this year (2015-16) will be held on:
  • Monday 20th April
  • Monday 18th May
  • Monday 15th June
  • Monday 20th July 
  • Monday 17th August
  • Monday 21st September
  • Monday 19th October
  • Monday 16th November
  • No STUDIO meeting for December
  • Monday18th January 2016
  • 15th February 2016





        Eclipse of the Sun

Friday 20th March 2015

Today, there is quite a covering of cloud across the UK, however, there is the chance of them clearing enough for the sun to show itself.  It is not a total eclipse here, but it is in the Faroe Islands and Svalbard.  Two of our members are currently in Iceland, so it will be interesting to compare their images of the eclipse with this phenomenon called the Diamond Ring.  

Did you get to see the eclipse and possibly take some images?

The image (below left) shows the partial eclipse as seen above Abergele through thin clouds using a welder's 'black' glass as a filter in front of the 400mm lens at maximum zoom (handheld).  There is only the sun's smile to be seen gleaming from behind the moon's silhouette.


If you wish to Contact the Club Secretary with any enquiry, please ring this number 07553-710664

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The Club was formed in 2008 to provide a friendly, social meeting place for members with an interest in photography.

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